School Is Back and I need more MAKE Shampoo Bars again!

The beginning of each school term sees me making more Shampoo Soap bars. 

This is mainly because I need to be childfree to concentrate on the soap making process and also for safety reasons when handling the Lye.  So I made the batch late Monday afternoon, and have cut them up this morning and they will need curing for a few weeks before they will be available for use. These Shampoo Bars are increasing in popularity, so I am finding myself making more batches. 

I know some ladies who love making soap, but I just don't share the same passion, which may be because I like making products that are very quick and easy to make, and are ready to be used as soon as possible!   However, as I have no intentions of going back to using commercial shampoo and conditioner, I will continue to MAKE them. 

Why??? ...... Just count the number of ingredients listed on your bottles at home (which all ends up down your drains too) and you may understand my preference for natural alternative containing just five ingredients.  

20141103_095437 (2).jpg